During 2021 and 2022 we are looking ways how to finance the construction of the new residency building.

If you have an wish to come to Maajaam during 2022 or 2023, please consider buying a voucher now! This will help us finish the building. The booking starts when the house is finished and ready for first visitors. We estimate it will happen in spring 2022. First come, first served!

We are still developing the online store. Currently the orders must be done through e-mail.

Please write to Include your details, address, list of items and we will send you the invoice.

Thank you in advance!


Gift Bundle

Consits of 2 nights accomodation and a surpise. Wrapped nicely.

Price: 100€


Residency Voucher Group

Whole residency house rent for 1 night. Includes access to lab.

Price: 200€


Residency Voucher Night

Accomodation for one night and access to Lab and Hall.

Price: 40€


Residency Voucher Week

6 nights of accomodation and access to hall and lab.

Price: 200€


Flight Announcer

Installation by Timo Toots. The installation announces the commercial aircrafts that are currently above in air.

Price: 5000€

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